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Get your Apple iOS mobile application or Mac app written, updated, ported, or debugged fast.

With over 25 iOS apps that have made it into the App Store and more than 27 years of experience developing software for Apple products, I will help you ship product while other programmers are still getting up to speed.


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Ship your iOS mobile apps faster

with Jean Tantra, Senior Software Engineer Apple Xcode

An Apple developer since 1986, I have over 15 years contracting experience, with a consistent track record of hitting the ground running and getting projects shipped on tight deadlines.

  • Expertise: I am used to dealing with vast amounts of other programmers’ hastily written and hastily documented code, much of it cross-platform. That means I get your project working and shipped while other programmers are still coming up to speed.
  • I produce solid code fast by plugging known good code into your software, sourced from my extensive source code libraries, both public domain and commercial. This greatly increases reliability, and usually speeds development by several weeks.
  • I write code for clarity and maintainability.
  • Extensive experience running projects through full software development life cycle. I can go into a project at any point.
  • High level of GUI design expertise. Plus lots of experience with audio, video, and graphics. I can also provide a graphic artist / iOS designer as needed.
  • Good communication skills via phone, email, and iChat / Skype / GoToMeeting / TeamViewer, etc. I keep people up-to-date about project progress.
  • Telecommute only because I can do more for you faster.

Let me do the impossible for you

Call top Apple iOS developer Jean Tantra

Work with Jean

freelance app developers iOS
Build my app
I know what I want. I may have a wireframe, written spec, or verbal spec
Apple software maintenance company
Do the next rev
Maintain, upgrade, or debug my program, even if the original programmer is busy or gone
porting from Android to iOS
Port my app
to iOS or OSX from a working version on my platform
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Build app prototype
to show investors or stakeholders
Do code review
for quality, technical debt
I’m a headhunter
Show me how to match you to my clients
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What my clients say

He’s fast and productive: “I have worked with Jean on several large projects over a 5-year period. He is my ‘go-to’ guy for answering tough iOS and Mac programming problems because chances are high that he’s already dealt with it and has an efficient fix. Jean is a master of finding simple solutions that I never would have thought of, and he’s fast and productive. I recommend him.
— Erik Osborn, NASA Spaceflight Software Developer, Former Chief Software Developer CBS Television Network, Los Angeles
Did an outstanding job: “Jean Tantra ported [3,001 Business & Sales Letters software for Macintosh] for us and did an outstanding job.”
— Robert Stevens, WriteExpress

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