About MetaTheory iPhone mobile app development company

MetaTheory iPhone mobile app development company supplies software development services for Apple iOS and Mac OS X.

MetaTheory has been a successful iPhone application development company since 2007, longer than most mobile app development companies have been in business. But we’re not just a iPhone app development company! Our lead programmer has been a Mac developer since 1986, so we have decades of Apple software development and GUI experience.

Our Apple / iOS app development services include:

If you’re looking for an Apple iOS mobile application development company with a high level of Apple software development expertise, we’re a good pick.

About Apple iOS developer Jean Tantra

Our lead programmer Jean Tantra is a top

  • Apple iPhone app developer
  • iPad apps developer
  • Apple iOS application developer
  • Mac OS X applications developer

Jean can develop your app start to finish, or from your spec. He can port your app to Apple Xcode / iOS / Mac. He provides software maintenance services, debug service, code reviews, and more. Read Jean’s full Apple developer CV resume here.

Already a professional programmer, Jean started doing software development with the Apple Macintosh SDK the day it came out in 1986. He immediately started developing mobile apps when iPhone / iOS SDK came out in 2007.

Jean has worked on over 25 iOS apps that made it to the Apple App Store (see partial list). He has over 27 years experience developing Macintosh software, including extensive experience with video, graphics, and high-end audio. His solid Apple GUI background helps produce beautiful Apple-compliant programs that users like.

As a top Apple iOS developer, Jean says “Programming is challenging, and my daily dose of frustration keeps me humble. There is always more to know.”

To increase productivity for clients, Jean does off-site telecommute work only. You’ll like his fast work and high productivity. Jean likes getting to work on interesting projects for companies all over the world. With over 15 years experience as a freelance Mac and iOS contractor, Jean has gotten very, very good at getting up to speed fast on vast amounts other people’s code, expediting progress, and getting projects shipped on tight deadlines.

After a hard day’s programming for clients, Jean often relaxes by programming for fun.

Other Apple iOS development staff

If needed MetaTheory can provide a graphic artist / designer with iPhone, iPad, and Mac design experience.

We can also bring in a second senior Apple developer as needed. He has over 25 years experience as an Apple Mac developer and over 6 years experience as an Apple iOS developer.

We have a company that has done server / back end on multiple projects we worked on, and can bring them in as needed.

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