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As a top freelance app developer, I have the knowledge and experience to do your job right, whether you need Apple software development, porting to iOS or Mac OS X, help for your team, debugging, software maintenance, features added, code review, or Apple-savvy GUI design.

Step 1: Are we a match?

Who should work with me:

My Bite Buddy iPhone app and Bluetooth motion sensor

Developed start to finish: My Bite Buddy iPhone app monitors Bluetooth motion sensor on fishing pole to detect biting fish

  • You know what you want.
  • If you want a program built, you have a clear spec. Verbal specs work; wireframe specs are faster; wireframes with art are faster still.
  • If you want features added or debugging, your current code builds.
  • If you want your program ported, you have a working version on another platform.
  • You or your team can work with me remotely via phone, screen-sharing, and email.
  • You or someone on your team can spend at least 15 minutes per day with me on the phone or Skype, usually more. This will include status updates at least every other day.
  • You / your team speak reasonably good English and have good communication skills.
  • You need an expert — see my resume for my relevant experience and areas of expertise.
  • You want to hire a top Xcode / iOS app developer to get your job done. (You can always find someone cheaper than me. You probably can’t find someone better.)

Who should NOT work with me:

  • You don’t know what you want. If you don’t know what you want, I can’t build it.
  • You don’t have a spec, or it’s vague. (If you don’t have a spec and you do know what you want, I can refer you to my app designer to develop your spec.)
  • You require more done faster than is humanly possible. (While I’m very good, there are limits.)
  • Your project requires a company that can supply Android or Windows developers, a project manager, in-house server back-end (I subcontract that), or more than 2 Xcode developers. (I can work with your team, but I can’t supply one.)
  • You / your team speak poor English or lack communication skills. (Good communication skills are what make off-site software development work.)
  • Your job is simple and any iOS programmer can do it.
  • You need the lowest-priced programmer.
  • Your job must be done on-site. Note: If you prefer someone on-site but can’t find anyone qualified, I can probably do the work remotely if you know what you want. I do a lot of work for companies in that situation.

Step 2: Before you schedule your call

 iVitals medical and health monitoring iPhone app

Developed start to finish: iVitals medical & health monitoring iPhone app

This will help you get the most out of your free call with me.

Get your basic questions answered about what I can do for you and what you’ll need to supply for me to do your job, and how to get your job done faster:

Headhunters: read this before you call.

Answer your basic questions about working with me

Want to speed things up?

  • Email me a mutual NDA to sign. I sign multiple mutual NDAs and NDAs weekly. (I recommend sending a mutual NDA to save time, as the terms usually require less negotiation.)
  • While I prefer to sign a contract, an email authorizing hours plus a statement of work is enough to get a project started.

Step 3: Schedule your free phone consultation

To schedule your call, contact me on a US weekday:

Apple app developer

(Weekend calls are sometimes possible if you pay at the time of call via PayPal.)

Be sure to let me know:

  1. your time zone / the big city nearest you
  2. generally good times to call.

I will get back to you within a day with several possible times & dates.

I schedule most calls between 12 noon and 10 PM US Pacific time. (time zone converter)

On our initial call, be prepared to pay me via PayPal for time over 1 hour.

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