For headhunters

I’m contract telecommute, remote, OFF-site only.
NO on-site. NO relocation.

Please note this in your database and act accordingly.

Some clients WILL hire me to telecommute
even if they’d prefer on-site

About 10% of my jobs are companies that can’t find a qualified on-site candidate.

That means you CAN successfully pitch me to clients who want an on-site programmer, IF the job and my qualifications are a good match.

Likely good matches

  • The company can’t find a qualified Mac OS X developer to work on-site, and has been looking for months. At any given time half a dozen US companies are in that situation. I get a significant proportion of those jobs.
  • The company has an upcoming deadline or show. I often get hired to get the project done in time.
  • The company’s current programmer is busy adding features, so they’ll hire me to swat bugs.

How to pitch me to clients who want full-time on-site

Companies typically seek full-time on-site employees so they can retain expertise in-house.

Here’s how I help them achieve that:

  1. I document code well, so the next programmer on the project has an easy time taking over.
  2. I willingly transfer expertise to in-house people. I’m happy to do a brain dump to get the next person on the project up to speed.

When NOT to contact me:

  • Work must be done on-site. (I work off-site only.)
  • Job requires relocation.
  • The client is looking for a cheap developer, not a fast and highly-skilled expert.

Jobs you SHOULD contact me about:

Any telecommute job that looks like a good match for my skills.

The client has been looking for on-site expertise for months and not finding it.

How to contact me:

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