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by Jean Tantra, Senior Apple Mac OS X Developer

4,0001 letters -- Mac + iPad cropped

4,001 Letters, ported from Windows to iPad and Mac

With over 27 years experience as a Mac developer, including extensive experience with video and high-end audio, I have a consistent track record of getting projects shipped on tight deadlines.

MetaTheory’s full range of Apple Xcode development services are available for Mac OS X. (You’ll notice iOS and iPhone in many of the site’s page titles and topic headings. We did that so search engines will find us. All services are available for Mac OS X as well as iOS.)

Apple Mac OS X application development and maintenance services

Get your Macintosh app built, maintained, upgraded, debugged, ported, and shipped fast.

Build Mac app

Working solo or as part of your development team, I can develop your Mac application start to finish, create an app from your spec, or finish your in-progress app. Requires that you know what you want. Find out more…

Add software features / do next rev

Add program features to your Mac app, complete program updates, do software maintenance, and ship your next rev. Requires that your code builds. Find out more…

Debug Mac app

Stomp those annoying bugs and ship your Mac OS X app or program update. Debugging services for Xcode. I can also debug hybrid apps that include C and C++ code. Best if a program snapshot builds and runs. Find out more…

Port app to Mac OS X

Port from Windows to Mac, or from another platform. Requires a working program to port from. Find out more…

Prototype Mac app

Create an application prototype that you can show to management or investors. Requires that you know what you want. Find out more…

Macintosh code review

Get an expert opinion on code quality and find out whether a developer did a good job on your software or saddled your Mac application with technical debt. Find out more…

Benefit from decades of Apple developer expertise

I help companies develop, update, enhance, debug, and port

  • Image editing software — examples include several Photoshop plugins and the Photo3-D image mixer.
  • Audio editing software: From 1999-2002 I was lead programmer for Sonic Studio’s high-end professional digital audio-editing and CD-mastering Mac application, Sonic Studio-HD. I also did a multi-track CoreAudio engine for SonicFire, and ported EZAudioConverter which converts playback from vinyl records and audiotape to mp3.
  • Video editing software: I spent a year enhancing Commotion, Puffin’s video editing/compositing/image-processing and special effects application. Star Wars lists Commotion in its credits.
  • Audio and video playback software, including a streaming audio app and a Safari browser plugin to play streamed movies.
  • Plugins for Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Safari, and iTunes.
  • Media production and editing apps, including voice-over slide show authoring apps for GoldMail and QlipBoard and an EPUB3 ebook creation app (not yet released).
  • Network and communication software, including the EyeBeam Mac VOIP SIP client, which did video conferencing and instant messaging (IM).
  • Educational software, including a multimedia medical testing app for emergency departments.
  • Security and anti-virus software, including the Mac version of ThreatTrack Security’s VIPRE virus scanner, and Anonymizer’s VPN software.
  • Consumer software, including 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters (which I also ported to iOS).

With decades of experience running Macintosh projects through their complete software development life cycle, I’ll get your Mac OS X project done right and shipped fast.

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