Success stories: iOS software developer portfolio

I began iPhone mobile app development the day the iPhone / iOS SDK came out in 2007. I have developed for Mac using Apple Macintosh SDK since 1986. As a result, the MetaTheory software development company portfolio is extensive — see highlights below.

iPhone and iPad app portfolio

I have worked on over 25 iOS apps that made it to the App Store. (Some have been discontinued or upgraded since I worked on them.)

Developed start to finish:

My Bite Buddy for iPhoneMy Bite Buddy iPhone app (view in App Store)
Sounds alarm when Bluetooth motion sensor clipped to fishing pole detects a bite.


iVitals app for iPhoneiVitals iPhone app (view website)
Track your vital signs and trends such as blood pressure changes.


Hip-Hop Public Health Ambassador app for iPhone & iPadHHPH Ambassador iPhone and iPad app (no longer available)
Used hip-hop music to teach health info to teens.


EveEdit app for iPhone & iPadEveEdit iPhone app (no longer available)
Remotely controlled RTS® Intercoms over WiFi and TCIP for live TV / video trucks on location.

Coded from an excellent specification:

EZ Receipts app for Apple iOSEZ Receipts iPhone and iPad app (view in App Store)
Easier health claim filing.

Coded from evolving verbal specification:

Flit shopping app for iPadFlit iPad app (no longer available)
Shopping app

Principal developer for:

Blaze Mobile Wallet app for iPhone & iPadBlaze Mobile Wallet iPhone app v1.0 and v2.0 (no longer available)
E-commerce e-wallet


Avidyne IFD Am for iPadAvidyne IFD Am ported to iPad (view in App Store)
Simulator for the Avidyne IFD540 Flight Management System hardware


4001 Letters app for iPad4001 Letters ported to iPad (view in the App Store)
Ported from Mac 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters, which I ported from Windows to Mac


FloraGator iPhone appFloraGator ported to iPhone from web (view in App Store)
Plant identification app


brannen-group-5-iphone-appsInternational business practices — five iPhone apps including:

Business Practices: China iPhone app (no longer available)
In English / Chinese

Business Practices: Japan iPhone app (no longer available)
In English / Japanese

Business Practices: USA iPhone app (no longer available)
In English

Managing Globally Virtual Teaming iPhone app (no longer available)
Helps with cultural hurdles of doing business between countries.

DoubleCheck RX medical app for iPhoneCheck RX iPhone app (no longer available)
Prescription checker

MedicalHumor iPhone app (no longer available)

VoiceThis iPhone app (no longer available)
Voice dialer


Added functionality to:

People Magazine app for iPadPeople Magazine viewer for iPad (view in App Store)
Fixed crash bugs.


BARBRI app for iPhone & iPadBARBRI iPhone and iPad app (view in App Store)
Helps students in BARBRI law courses study for classes and the bar exam.


state-farm-pocket-agent-iphone-ipad-appState Farm Pocket Agent iPhone and iPad app (view in App Store)
Manage your State Farm Insurance policies and claims anywhere.


Spot On Time app for iPhone & iPadSpot On Time iPhone and iPad app (no longer available)
Checked traffic, gave reminder to leave for appointments early enough to arrive in time.


Rcopia iPhone app
E-prescribing app for physicians


HearPlanet app for iPhone & iPadHearPlanet iPhone and iPad app (view in App Store)
Audio guides noteworthy places such as parks, monuments, and museums.


USGA's The Rules of Golf app for iPhone & iPadThe Rules of Golf iPhone and iPad app (view in App Store)
United States Golf Association rule book


Yap TV app for iPhone & iPadYap TV iPhone and iPad app (no longer available)
Showed what shows are available on TV and iTunes.

Mac app portfolio

I have over 27 years of experience developing for Macintosh. A small sampling:

ThreatTrack VIPRE virus scannerVIPRE Business Premium (view on ThreatTrack Security website)
Mac app. Got Macintosh version shipping. Scans networked Macs for viruses that could affect PCs if shared or emailed.


4001 Business Letters4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters (view in Mac App Store)
Ported from Window to Mac app. A collection of letter-writing recipes and templates, which I also ported to iPad.

Mac app. Worked on an EPUB3 authoring tool for creating interactive ebooks, which is still in development.

Maestro Learning
Mac app. Developed a multimedia medical testing app for emergency departments. It shows a video of an imaginary patient and their vital signs for the user to diagnose and treat.

Developed a Mac application that created animated slide shows with voiceovers to go in emails, mainly for use as a sales tool.
Wrote a streaming audio app.

Ported their VPN software from Windows to Mac.

Sonic Studio
From 1999-2002 I was the lead programmer for Sonic’s high-end professional digital audio-editing and CD-mastering Mac application, Sonic Studio-HD.

You’ll find additional Mac projects listed on the Mac development services page, and of course in my resume.

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