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Jean Tantra
Senior Software Engineer
Apple app developer: iOS, iPhone, iPad, MacOs
10 years iOS experience, 30 apps and counting

1058 Pomona Ave.
Albany, CA 94706 USA                  U.S. citizen

Apple iOS developer resume

Position sought: Senior Software Engineer
Freelance app developer for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac

Off-site telecommute only — no on-site, no relocation.
I have a proven telecommuting track record.

Desired job type: contract
Telecommute / remote only — no relocation

Real-world experience & expertise:

  • Over 15 years contract programming. This lets me hit the ground running and get up to speed on projects fast.
  • Accustomed to coping with vast amounts of other programmers’ hastily written and hastily documented code, much of it cross-platform.
  • Produce solid code fast by plugging known good code into projects, sourced from my extensive source code libraries, both public domain and commercial. This greatly increases reliability while speeding development, often by several weeks.
  • Write code for clarity and maintainability.
  • Extensive experience running projects through full life cycle. Can go into a project at any point.
  • High level of GUI design expertise.
  • Good phone, email, and iChat / Skype / GoToMeeting communication skills. I keep people up-to-date about project progress.

Professional software developer 1978 – present:

  • 30+ years
  • 10+ years
Apple SDK, Mac, OS X
iOS SDK & over 30 apps
// 3+ years UNIX
  • 15+ years
Cocoa, Objective-C, Xcode; 2+ years Swift
  • 15+ years
  • 25+ years
  • Some
SVG, HTTP web crawling
TCP/IP sockets
  • Recent iOS / OSX
UIKit, UI*, Core Animation, QuickTime, Core Audio, Core Video, Core Image, Core Graphics, Core Plot, Cocos2d, StoreKit, Bluetooth LE (BLE), iBeacons, GPUImage, AVAudioEngine

Commercial Apple iOS mobile app and Mac development experience — positions & contracts:

Most high-profile: BARBRI app for law students, and a subcontract debugging the People magazine app.

See my iOS software developer portfolio

Several current contracts are under strict NDA, but should ship soon. 4/2017 – 11/2017
I wrote an iPad kiosk app in Swift for the walls of 60 suites in Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. (telecommute)
It controls lighting, curtains, HVAC, sound volume, and 5 TVs in each suite.
Used coremail2 and Jabber for video calls.
Hardware controlled: Crestron AP3, BSS BLU806, Cisco Stadium Vision. 12/2016 – 5/2017
Updated their client app (telecommute) 9/2016 – 11/2016
Retargeted iPad Med app to iPhone (telecommute) 6/2016 – 7/2016
Wrote reality iOS app with iBeacons (telecommute) 1/2016 – 3/2016
iOS app development (telecommute)
Rewrote telemedicine iOS app. 1/2016 – 3/2016
iOS app development (telecommute)
Wrote hybrid kiosk iOS app 6/2015 – 7/2014
Mac app development for Carnegie Mellon University (telecommute)
MOOC authoring app (audio/video recording/editing) 3/2015 – 7/2015
iPhone app development (telecommute)
Port Droid iBeacon app to iOS 6/2014 – 11/2014
iPhone app development (telecommute) (with BLE device)
view My Bite Buddy in iTunes App Store
Monitors Bluetooth motion sensor on fishing pole, sounds alarm when fish bites. 6/2014 – 12/2014 – current
Mac app development (telecommute)
VIPRE virus scanner for Macintosh 3/2014 – 5/2014
iOS app development (telecommute)
HHPH Ambassador iPhone & iPad app 4/2014 – 6/2014
Mac app development (telecommute)
EPUB3 / Ebook /DOM authoring app for Mac OS X 11/2012 – 12/2013
iPhone app development (telecommute)
iPhone stethoscope 10/2012 – 12/2013
iOS app development (telecommute)
Spot On Time iPhone & iPad app 6/2012 – 7/2013
iPhone app development (remote) 6/2014 – 7/2014 – repeat client
Enterprise mobile app for Adidas. Camera app with image processing via GPUImage / Core Image, vignette, overlays / borders, Instagram posting 2/2013 – 3/2103
iPad & Mac OS X app development (telecommute)
4001 Letters app port to Mac and iPad from Windows
View Mac app in App Store
View iPad app in iTunes App Store 10/2012 – 2/2013
iPad app development (telecommute) Avidyne IFD Am
Simulator for the Avidyne IFD540 Flight Management System hardware 4/2012 – 5/2012
iPhone app development (telecommute): Teen Vogue Insider iPhone app
I was one of many coders 3/2012 – 5/2012
Mac enterprise app development
Multimedia medical app: audio, video, images, PDFs…
University of Florida Horticulture Department 4/2012
iPhone app development (telecommute)
FloraGator flowering plant identifier
view FloraGator in iTunes App Store 12/2011 – 2/2012
Mac OS X app development (telecommute)
Slide show authoring app with voice-overs and annotation 9/2011 – 12/2011
iPad app development (telecommute)
Flit shopping app 10/2011 – 1/2012
iOS software program maintenance (telecommute) for iPhone & iPad app
Hybrid app with in-app purchase
view USGA Rules of Golf 2.0 & 2.1 in iTunes App Store 9/2011 – 10/2011
iOS app development
Eye Capture iPhone & iPod app 6/2011 – 10/2011
Mac app development
OS X streaming audio app 4/2011 – 5/2011
iPad app development 4/2011
iPad app development 4/2011
iPhone app development 2/2011 – 3/2011, again in 2/2012
iPad app prototyping
Prototype medical apps 11/2010 – 12/2010
iPhone app development: EZ Receipts
Lead developer
view EZ Receipts in iTunes App Store
EZ Receipts is now sold by
www.Yap.TV 7/2010 – 8/2010
iOS app development with custom UI: Yap TV iPhone & iPad app 6/2010 – 7/2010
iPhone app development
Rcopia medical prescription app 6/2010 – 7/2010
iPad app development 1/2010 – 7/2010
iPhone app development: iVitals 12/2009 – 7/2010
iPhone software program maintenance: EveEdit
Remotely controlled RTS® Intercoms over WiFi / TCIP for live TV / video trucks on location. The app was shown at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in the Telex/RTS booth. 9/2009 – 11/2009
Port to Mac from Windows: Mac “Anonymizer Universal”
9/2009 – 10/2009
iPhone app development: DoubleCheckRx
From inception to shipping — a very simple app that might have saved a life or two 5/2009
iPhone code review and UI review: State Farm Pocket Agent iPhone app
view in iTunes App Store 3/2009 – 4/2009
iPhone app development updates in 10/2009
Five titles from inception to shipping plus updates, including:

Business Practices: China (in English / Chinese)
Business Practices: Japan (in English / Japanese)
Business Practices: USA (in English)
Managing Globally Virtually Teaming 11/2008 – 12/2008 & 8/2010 – 6/2014
iPhone app development
Blaze Mobile Wallet 1.0 and 2.0, then ongoing
Version 2.0 added Facebook & Twitter integration 7/2008 – 10/2008
iPhone app development
Think cloning Google Maps 6/2008 – 7/2008
iPhone app development: VoiceThis voice dialer
From napkin to shipping 3/2008 – 7/2008
iPhone app development: EveEdit 11/2007 – 2/2008
Mac OS X software development: Safari browser plug-in
I wrote a Safari plugin using WebKit to play streamed movies. Cocoa frameworks used: Core Video, Core Graphics, Core Audio and OpenGL. 9/2007 – 10/2007
Port to Mac from Windows: QlipBoard
QlipBoard was a multimedia voice-over slide show application with annotation tools, which output QuickTime. 8/2007 – 9/2007
Port to Mac from Windows: EZAudioConverter
EZAudioConverter allowed recording from MixMeister’s USB devices (turntable, etc.), with audio conversion to mp3 via iTunes. It was sold through Costco. 8/2006 – 9/2007
Mac software maintenance 1/2011 – 2/2011
I was lead Mac programmer for their Macintosh VoIP SIP client, eyeBeam. It featured instant messaging (IM) and video conferencing (H.264), and used the WebKit browser views API. 1/2005 – 10/2007
Mac OS X software development & program maintenance
Senior Software Engineer for Sonic Studio product line of high-end audio editing software 5/2005 – 1/2006
Mac app development
I wrote an 8-channel Core Audio mixing engine for Sonicfire
NDA 5/2005 – 1/2006
This contract is under a strict NDA, so I would prefer to say little about it. I worked in a scripted UNIX make file environment and with both Xcode and CodeWarrior IDEs, and did image processing. I also did Perforce admin. 4/2004 – 5/2004
Port to Mac from Windows
Ported their Photo3-D image mixer application from PC to Macintosh. 2/2004-5/2004, 1/2006, 4/2007
Mac program maintenance: iTunes plug-in
I added functionality to their Volume Logic Cocoa psychoacoustic iTunes plug-in, and got it shipping. 8/2003 – 11/2003, 2006, 2013
Port to Mac from Windows: 3,001 Business & Sales Letters
Ported from PC to Macintosh OS9 / OS X as a PowerPlant Carbon application.
Bragging rights: In 2004, Intuit bundled this application with something in their Quicken product line.

“We just finished our 3,001 Business & Sales Letters software for Macintosh. Jean Tantra ported it for us and did an outstanding job.” — Robert Stevens, 2003

In March 2006 I ported the WriteExpress application Rhymer from CodeWarrior to Xcode and Objective-C. In 2013 I updated 3,001 Letters to 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters, then did a port to iOS from Mac. 1/2003 – 6/2003
Mac software development
I ported and carbonized a TCL application to CodeWarrior Power Plant for OS X. This entailed indexing, KWIC, and Unicode editing with WASTE. 3/1999 – 3/2002
Mac software maintenance and development
I was chief / lead programmer for SonicStudio-HD (SSHD). SSHD was Sonic Studio’s high-end digital audio editing and CD-mastering application suite. It was written in CodeWarrior Power Plant and Java JDK/JFC/AWT/swing. SSHD was a large-scale, multi-threaded software project. I also ported code to OS9/OSX/Carbon.
Puffin Designs 4/1997 – 4/1998
Mac software maintenance and development
I enhanced Commotion, Puffin’s video editing/compositing/image-processing and special effects application, in CodeWarrior Power Plant. I spent a year writing Photoshop-like GUI and image-processing functionality. Star Wars lists Commotion in its credits. bought Puffin Designs and Commotion. 6/1996 – 3/1997
Port to Mac from Windows: Primatte Photoshop plug-in
Ported plugin from PC to Mac, and did other miscellaneous programming.
The Primatte Photoshop plug-in is now sold through
Arnowitz Studios 12/1995 – 2/1996
Mac app development
Worked in CodeWarrior Power Plant for a catalog on CD. Also created HTML/JavaScript forms and templates. 6/1995 – 8/1995
Apple Newton PDA software maintenance
Enhanced Comm ToolBox server application for a Newton PDA client. 4/1995 – 5/1995
Mac software program maintenance
Did security software. Also ported from MPW to Metrowerks.
Island Graphics Inc. 10/1994 – 11/1994
Mac plug-in development
HyperText XCMDs for MacroMedia Director and Authorware.
SoftWeaver 12/1993 – 7/1994
Mac software development & localization
Project manager and lead programmer for scanner software. Worked on TWAIN and Photoshop Plug-in, GUIs and APIs. Localized / internationalized for Roman languages including French, German, and Spanish.
Digital F/X Inc. 01/1993 – 7/1993
Software program maintenance
Worked in MPW C++ making additions to their Hitchcock video editing multimedia application.
MicroSpeed 11/1992 – 1/1993
Software program maintenance & localization
Localized, debugged and upgraded an INIT/CDEV and SDK for ADB Track Balls.
Image Smith Inc. 4/1992 – 6/1992
Mac app prototyping
Prototyped modules in MacroMedia Director for “Yearn-2-Learn” and “Peanuts the Screen Saver.” Both applications later went commercial.
EA Systems Inc. 7/1991 – 11/1991
Apple Macintosh software development
Wrote master/slave applications with Apple-Events/AppleScript for viewing the results of DB queries.
Arrow Systems Inc. 7/1991 – 8/1991
Mac software porting
Ported stack from SuperCard to HyperCard 2.1 w/color. Also wrote API and XCMDs.
The Young Group 12/1990 – 5/1991
Mac software development
Scripted/XCMDed in HyperCard for Apple’s Teaching, Learning and Technology CD-ROM.

This product received a “Gold CINDY Award” from the AVC.
Berkeley Systems Inc. 11/1989 – 7/1990
Mac software development
Scripted and XCMDed a 15meg color kiosk for a touch screen in PLUS and MacroMedia Director in Lingo.

Note: Berkeley Systems’ screen saver collection More AfterDark™ contains two of my modules. One is “Stained Glass.” The other, “Patchwork-9,” won second place in Berkeley Systems’ 1992 screen saver contest.
Apple Integrated Systems 4/1989 – 6/1989
Mac software development
Wrote multiWindow XCMD to display MSW documents for the AIS CD-ROM project.
Articulate Systems Inc. 8/1988 – 11/1988
Mac software development
I developed a voice-mail application for their voice recognition system.
Infinity Inc. 6/1987-9/1987
Apple Mac app development: GO-for-the-Mac™
I got Infinity’s Macintosh game “GO-for-the-Mac™ v1.0” debugged, enhanced, polished and shipping. My GO playing strength is 3-dan.
1986 – 1995
Mac software development and porting
Created an ebook using AudioAssistedText™ to highlight written words as a human voice read them aloud, as both an application and in HyperCard. Ported AudioText™ to HyperCard 2.3, PLUS, SuperCard, and MacroMedia Director. I also worked on Lurnix’s C++ tutorial, and their A/UX tutorial for Apple.

Very partial list of things written, done, and worked on before Macintosh:

  • Editor / Assembler, Linker / Loader, Disassembler / Debugger, dos
  • Device drivers: serial, parallel, terminal, printer, hard disk, floppy, tape, voice synthesizer…
  • Interrupt-driven real-time system; multiple screen/user system
  • Text / data compressors / expanders; data filters / massagers / loggers
  • Menu systems, table/forms/template definers; macro processors
  • DB: input / sort / shuffle / merge / Format-output; data content / format verifiers
  • Source level C-Debugger; 3D blocks world; color screen editor
  • Games: wrote / ported, master / slaves; communication protocols
  • Enhanced and ported the “Small C-compiler”, BASIC compiler; interpreters…
  • Pretty Printer / XRef / CFlow Indexer…
  • Ported C-code between OS / machines / compilers; DOS <–> UNIX using Standard C Library
  • Converted between Assembly and C, and Pascal and C
  • Optimized for: speed / size XOR readability, clarity, portability, maintainability, re-usability, supportability
  • Lead / support programmer; librarian / archivist
  • Was hardware / firmware competent
  • Best mini hack: I keyed in the hex of a disassembler and had it disassemble itself

I collect good source code libraries, both commercial and open source — especially BSD licensed. At last count I had over 6000 open source iOS code projects to glean from. This usually saves weeks of time / money on any project.

Miscellaneous resume-speak quota:

  • Designed, developed, implemented, wrote, edited, documented, revised, updated, aided, facilitated, supported, coordinated, researched, conceived, originated, evaluated, used, tested, maintained.
  • Administered, achieved, directed, managed, supervised, trained, taught, tutored, performed, planned, accompanied, assisted, worked closely with, operated, provided, interviewed, reviewed, revamped participated, instituted, consulted, directed, in charge of, initiated resolution of, responsible for…
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  • More references provided on request.

My academic background
(UC Berkeley & UC San Diego):

  • Computer Science
  • Educational & Cognitive Psychology


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