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Developed start to finish: My Bite Buddy iPhone app monitors a Bluetooth motion sensor on a fishing pole to detect biting fish

Developed start to finish: My Bite Buddy iPhone app monitors a Bluetooth motion sensor on a fishing pole to detect biting fish

by Jean Tantra, Senior Apple iOS Developer

Want your app done fast and well? I have a consistent track record of hitting the ground running and getting projects shipped on tight deadlines.

As an Apple iOS developer, I have worked on over 25 iOS apps that made it to the App Store (see partial list), starting in 2007 with the release of the iPhone SDK.

I have over 27 years experience as a Mac developer, including extensive experience with video and high-end audio. MetaTheory’s full range of app development services are available for Mac OS X as well as mobile iOS.

Apple Xcode application development and maintenance services

Get your app built, maintained, upgraded, debugged, ported, and shipped fast.

Build app

Working solo or as part of your software development team, I can develop your iOS app or Mac application start to finish, create an app from your spec, or finish your in-progress application. Requires that you know what you want. Find out more…

Add program features / do next rev

Add features to your iPhone / iOS application or Mac app, do software maintenance, complete program updates, and ship your next rev. Requires that your code builds. Find out more…

Debug app

Stomp those annoying bugs and ship your app or next update. Debugging services for Xcode iOS and Mac. Best if a program snapshot builds and runs. Find out more…

Port app

Port your app to Apple Xcode. Port from Android to iOS; port from Windows to Mac;  port from Mac to iPhone / iOS. Requires a working program to port from. Find out more…

Prototype app

Create an app prototype to show management or investors. Requires that you know what you want. Find out more…

Review code

Get an expert opinion on code quality and find out whether a developer did a good job on your software or saddled your application with technical debt. Find out more…

Mac OS X development services

Get your Mac app built, updated, ported, debugged, prototyped, or code reviewed. All of MetaTheory’s Xcode development services are available for Apple Mac as well as iOS. Find out more…

Benefit from decades of Apple developer expertise

BARBRI legal studies app on iPad on iPhone

Program maintenance services: BARBRI legal studies app on iPad & iPhone

As an iOS contractor, I help companies develop, update, enhance, debug, and port:

  • Consumer apps, including EZ Receipts, Blaze Mobile Wallet, and HearPlanet audio tour guides
  • Business apps, including the Business Practices guides to China, Japan, and the USA
  • Enterprise software — examples include iPad apps for industry, medicine, and aerospace, and an iPhone app for controlling satellite uplinks on TV camera trucks
  • Educational apps, including BARBRI’s iPhone & iPad app for law students, and educational games
  • Medical apps such as iVitals and DoubleCheckRX
  • Productivity apps such as Photoshop plugins and an EPUB3 authoring tool for WundrBooks
  • Security apps, including ThreatTrack Security’s VIPRE virus scanner for Mac, and Anonymizer’s VPN software
  • Audio editing, video editing, and image editing apps & plugins — see many examples

With decades of experience running projects through their complete software development life cycle, I’ll get your project done right and shipped fast.

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