Add features: iOS program maintenance services

Add program features, do next rev of your app

Software application development and maintenance services: did 2.0 and 2.1 versions of The Rules of Golf app for iPhone and iPad

Software program maintenance services: did 2 updates of The Rules of Golf app

I can add features to your iPhone / iPad app or Mac application even if the original programmer has left the project or company. I can also debug your code.

My decades of experience getting up to speed fast on large amounts of other people’s code, and getting it to work, mean that I do software updates fast and quickly get your app finished and ready to ship.

Required to add features:

  • You must know what you want. If you don’t know, I can’t build it.
  • Your app’s existing version must build. (If your code doesn’t build, see debugging services.)

When we get on the phone, I’ll want to know:

  1. What do you have?
  2. What do you want? (Pictures always help.)
  3. How many megabytes is the total project? How many source code files? (This gives me a ballpark for the project size and level of complexity.)
  4. How many programmers were on the project, for what duration? (This helps me estimate how big a can of worms I’m jumping into, and how long software maintenance services are likely to take.)
  5. Was this the first app someone wrote? (If yes, the code is more likely to include nonstandard implementations.)
  6. What does Build for Analyze in Xcode say about your project? Does your program have obvious memory leaks? How many? How big?
  7. How many warnings does Xcode generate for your project? It’s important to have less than a page full, because whenever I change something I’ll need new warnings to show up on the first page. If your project generates over a page of warnings, the first thing I’ll want to do is fix them.
  8. Are the original programmers available for quick phone consultations? If not, be prepared for me to pay the learning curve to understand your software. That takes time and attention, and there is no way around it.

Recommended for faster software maintenance:

Program maintenance services: HearPlanet iPhone app

Program maintenance services: HearPlanet notable places audio guides app

  • If program changes are significant, provide design documents. A requirements document will work. This can be an email with line items, preferably numbered so we can easily refer to them without confusion. If you are adding new contexts to the software, a wireframe is ideal.
  • Specify UI components from Simply tell me, “I want a screen that looks like this. I want my popup alerts to look like that.” Cocoa Controls features over 3000 UI elements for iOS and OS X, all with screen shots. These provide known working off-the-shelf functionality for your app, which can greatly speed development.
  • Have the original programmers available for phone consultations. They can tell me which function is in which file, which  saves huge amounts of time.
  • If your software’s documentation is out of date, tell me. This is something I’m used to dealing with; I just need to know about it.
  • Have long-term goals for the next rev. If we know what direction we’re going in, we’ll make design and implementation choices to accommodate future changes.

Remember, code maintenance is always a can of worms. Software is complex. Expect surprises.

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